About Us

Emmanuel food is your one-stop-shop for rich African foods sourced from the best markets in Africa. We are the most convenient online food ordering site in the United States and Canada with a focus on African foods, as we keep you connected to your roots.

Food remains a pleasure and food ordering should be easy, fast, reliable, and a fun experience to go along with, in the comfort of your home and your mobile. At Emmanuel foods, we have simplified your food ordering experience, giving you the comfort and satisfaction you deserve when you shop online.

With just three simple steps you are a click away from having your desired food order reaching you, you only need to select the food you need, pay for it and relax while we deliver it to your doorstep with no extra cost attached. It is that simple!

We understand you may have a need to retail and sell, this is why we offer the best wholesale prices for African foods in the United States and Canada. Not just the price of goods, we are particular about the quality, ensuring you get excellent service at all times.

Our goal is to keep you closer to home, with seasoned memories of what a good meal looks like back at home in Africa. We offer you in addition to the services above, free price quotes, that enable you to select from our large inventory and settle for what works with your budget.

Our customer service is top-notch and is available 24 hours on the clock, regardless of the time you intend to place your order, you will always have someone assisting you every minute of your buying journey. Similarly, you can easily call to place your order, when you can’t browse online.

 Let’s redefine your food shopping experience, shop on Emmanuel foods today.